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A Training Community for skilled professionals, experts and specialists who are serious about Mastering the English Language: Weekly lessons, training, support and critiques.


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What People are saying...

Julian always tries to share with the members everything he has kept learning regarding not only English but also life itself in an honest way, which can lead us to rethink what we want to do with English through our lives.-- Takahiro Asano ★★★★★

The lessons are interesting. Not just improve your language but you can increase knowledge!-- Jing Wen ★★★★☆

I enjoy every day this adventure. -- Mary Ribes ★★★★★

High level course, very good method, interesting topics, scientific approach to language .-- Claudia Dinale ★★★★★

We can learn authentic English and how it is used in real life at Doing English+. Explanation is clear and detailed and easy to understand.-- Kyoko ★★★★★

I always believed in natural learning process (learning by doing) and academic approach just gave me an headache. Learning real life English is something I've rarely encountered in online or offline courses. Add to it with 2SS approach to learning and community that supports Your effort and keeps You motivated and we've got the winner. No need to keep looking for anything else!-- Paweł Wichrowski ★★★★★

DE+ motivate members to be both active and creative.-- Sebastian ★★★★☆

Materials are practical and idiomatic.-- Alex Leung ★★★★★

Before this, we used to learn English by learning grammar and adding our vocabulary 'account', which never help us at all. It took a lot of time to translating the word from our native to the English words and adding grammar rules that suits to the sentence. Wasting time. With chunking and shadowing, constructing sentence become less difficult compared to before. -- Rahayu ★★★★★

Doing English+ is not only about learning English. Many motivated people are here. So I can also be motivated too. If someone asks me why I am so motivated, I'll definitely tell them it's because I'm taking the course of Doing English+.-- Shinichiro ★★★★★

Most effective program I have ever taken. Go, Julian!-- Hanako ★★★★★

Doing English+ change my life in good way, not only my English.-- Nong ★★★★★

Doing English+ is the perfect place to learn not only English but also cultural meaning. The community help to interchange different points of view.-- Dulce ★★★★★

Doing English+ is about practice, not about boring theory. That's why it's so awesome!-- Denis Shevchenko ★★★★★

It's good. It tells the truth about how to learning language. -- Ding ★★★★★

Doing English+ gives you no fluff, but real useful English-- Marco ★★★★★

High level content - Useful and interesting way to master English.-- Roberto ★★★★★

I think DE+ is a place for those who really want to work hard and actually "do" something with their English. There are a lot of great lessons, also a community full of friendly English learners. However, if people join here but don't utilize these resources to learn, they won't gain much. If you are an active learner, here is definitely the right place!-- Yi-Hsuan Cheng ★★★★☆

Doing English+ has been very useful to improve my daily English.-- Anne ★★★★★